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Center for Occupational Development & Education

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"A School Built and Run by Plumbers"

What is CODE?
CODE is the plumbers' industry school organized to provide the mandatory Continued Education for Plumbing License Holders.

Code is a not-for-profit educational school. All resources revert back to the plumbing license holder.

A group of fellow tradesmen have worked to bring this about. But not without the financial assistance and support from a number of organizations-manufacturers, manufacturers reps, wholesalers and contractors. Well over $100,000 has been contributed to finance the start-up of the school.

Founding Members

Bradford White
Buderus Hydronics
Cuno, Inc.
Taco Incorporated
Mueller Industries
Mestek Inc
Amtrol Inc
Gerber Products
Zurn Industries

Emerson Swan
Urell Inc
EDOS Mfrs Reps

Federated Insurance

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Not-For-Profit Status

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has granted CODE Inc. official status as a not-for profit 501 ( c ) (3) educational institution. By abiding by the IRS's strict not-for profit rules, CODE enjoys virtually tax free status, contributing to the school's ability to deliver training and education as the lowest possible cost.

Grants to Train Technicians Sought

Finding qualified technicians has been a long term problem for contractors in Connecticut. It is not only a state problem, it is nation-wide. This is a problem that appears to grow worse each year. CODE Inc. is seeking a grant to research this area to determine the solution to the problem before it becomes a major crisis for everyone. Hopefully this will lead to at least a partial solution to the problem.

Continuing Ed Requirements in Other States

Among the 16 states that require continuing education are Florida, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island.



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